The Anatomy of a Successful Accounting Firm Website

Creating an accounting firm website these days is really easy, especially with all of the website tools on the market today.

But what’s hard is creating a successful accounting firm website that actually grabs your reader’s attention and transforms them into hot potential leads that will increase your bottom line.


Because you have to take into account who is reading your page, what they are thinking, and how to create messaging that will speak directly to the questions rolling around in their head.

Also, you have to consider where to place certain information about your business, the messaging you want to get across to your reader, and the professional design you want to portray to your potential customers.

So, instead of telling you how to create a great website, I decided to dissect a particular accounting firm that has created a successful accounting firm website: Summitt CPA Group.

Let’s do this.

1. Clean, Clear Cut And Easy-To-Understand Homepage

The first thing I notice when I head to is their beautifully outlined homepage.

Within the first few seconds, you have a crystal clear idea of what this CPA firm does and of what two niches they focus on: 401K audits and Outsourced CFO services.

In addition to the services offered, the company has two buttons underneath each service that allows the reader to make a choice:

  • Do I want to learn more about the service or;
  • Do I want to dive into the pricing right away?

Both questions clearly state what your reader is currently asking themselves. Clearly, the readers are visiting your site for a reason, and a large majority of your readers are wondering if they want to hire Summitt CPA Group to perform their 401k audit or Outsources CFO services and how much will it actually cost them to do so.

As you continue to scroll through the homepage, you will notice not only does the company have two professional videos on the services the firm offers, but the text and type font are very easy to read allowing the potential customer to not get confused with fancy words or small text.

The homepage, in general, is easy-to-understand, professional, and straight to the point: Do you want a 401K audit or outsourced CFO services?

2. Simple Service Offerings

Unfortunately, a large majority of CPA firms have anywhere between 40 to 50 service offerings spread out among all of their customers.
Meaning, when a potential client walks into your office asking for a governmental audit, chances are the tax accountant will go to Google to start learning about Government Auditing Standards.

As Darren Root, owner of Rootworks, stated in our interview, if you shrink the service offerings, you will see a significant increase in your bottom line.
Summitt CPA Group seems to agree with Darren Root as they stay focused only on their two niche services: 401k audits and outsourced CFO services.

On Summitt CPA Group’s homepage, you will notice two videos clearly describing the services offered by their firm and why it might be a good fit for you.
These videos help the reader to feel comfortable with the idea that your CPA firm understands the product/service you are delivering, inside and out.

3. Limited Pricing Options

We at Jetpack have been fascinated with the idea of changing from the hourly billing model and transitioning to a more value-based, fixed-fee pricing model.

Or maybe it’s just because we have been spending too much time with Ron Baker and Jason Blumer in our Growing Your Firm interview series about Value Based Pricing.

Regardless, CPA firms are turning to new ideas of how to price their services.  One way Summitt CPA Group is providing their pricing model is by clearly outlining it on their website, under either 401k pricing or outsourced CFO pricing.

The first thing you notice when you head to Summitt CPA Group’s pricing pages is the policy behind pricing: It’s fixed. 

The pricing page continues by describing why a fixed fee is offered and what exactly you should expect if you decide to work with their firm.

You are provided with options to the pricing, based on what works best for your particular company.  This choice helps you to feel like you have options and are comfortable with the idea of what the pricing will be, instead of “estimated hours” you normally receive from traditional CPA firms.

4. Authority From Happy Customers

In today’s world, most people are turning to reviews to confirm whether or not they want to purchase the product or service being offered.  For this reason, companies like Uber and Airbnb lean heavily on their review process.

This same idea can be utilized when building your website.

If you have happy customers, then request that they provide you with a simple review, no more than 100-150 words. Plus, if you have an eager customer, you can request a photo authorizing the review by an actual customer.

Then, place the review or reviews throughout your website to help potential customers get comfortable with the idea that you are a solid CPA firm.

5. Showcasing The Team

Choosing a CPA firm is not a simple task for most clients. They want to make sure they will actually enjoy working with you, especially if you are on a monthly or yearly retainer.

A great way to showcase you and your team is to create an “About Us” page with either pictures or details about who you are.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. Just providing your resume or LinkedIn bullet points into your accounting experience is not going to be enough.
Instead, make sure you place a summary about your personal life or hobbies or even just a photo of you and your family in a way to connect with your clients.

Your reader will start seeing that you are a real person who would be a great/interesting person to work with. All it takes is a little synopsis of who you are and who your team is.

6. Free Client Resources: That Are Actually Useful 

I love the idea of providing valuable resources, that are free, for readers on your page. Summitt CPA Group has nailed this part of their website.

As you can see below, Summitt CPA Group provided a business toolkit, geared towards the niche in which they offer services, Outsourced CFO.

This free resource allows your reader to see a preview into what you could offer them if they decide to hire you as an outsourced CFO.

You want to make sure the resource that is being offered is valuable and relates to your knowledge and expertise in this area.  For example, it wouldn’t make sense for Summitt CPA

Group to offer a free resource on Government Auditing Standards since they do not provide that service.

Make sure you stay in your niche and it is relevant to the audience you are trying to attract. 

7. Opt-in Boxes, Everywhere On The Site

Within every major website, you will see various opt-in boxes throughout their site. You can even check out our site to notice that when you’re about to leave, a pop-up box appears asking for your email address. 

This approach is exactly what Summitt CPA Group tries to do with their website. The CPA firm wants to get your information, because clearly you must be interested in either 401k audit or outsourced CFO services.

Therefore, you will notice various opt-ins throughout their website trying to get you to enter your information. 

The opt-ins could be buttons taking you to a consultation page, or requesting just your email address, or even ask for a phone number to have a staff member follow-up with these leads.

Just make sure you have a plan on how to contact the leads once they enter their information on your website. This action will turn your old site into a successful accounting website that actually grows your bottom line.

8. Relevant and Niche Blog Posts

Most CPA firms have blogs and create weekly or monthly posts. However, only a small few of those websites actually get eyes on the page that are reading the particular blog posts.

So what’s the catch in creating compelling content that will actually add value to your reader, and push them to complete an opt-in form or give you a call requesting their services?

Your blog posts must be relevant to your audience. I know this statement sounds a bit basic, but unfortunately, most companies miss this idea completely.
Summitt CPA Group’s blog is a perfect example of compelling content that is relevant to their audience. As you can see below, here is a blog post describing the necessary audit documentation needed during a 401k audit:

Sound familiar? That’s because a 401k audit is the service Summitt CPA Group offers and they are providing value in their audit in the way you should expect. They are clearly speaking to their audience and staying within their niche, therefore creating a kick-butt blog for anyone interested in learning more about 401k audits or hiring an outsourced CFO.

9. Unique and Compelling Sidebar
Just like with most CPA firm blogs, creating a compelling sidebar is something firms neglect.

If your reader is heading to your website, chances are they are interested in what you might have to offer. Having a killer sidebar can help attract your customer and provide an opportunity for them to enter their information, becoming a hot lead in the process.

Summitt CPA Group has created a very long, very valuable sidebar that showcases the best parts of their website.

From free niche resources, to relevant blog post summaries, to having a “free consultation” with a particular Team Member on the “About Us” page, as soon as your click on one of their pages, you are immediately hooked.

10. Utilizing Social Media & Other Media Outlets To Promote The Firm

The last piece to creating a successful accounting firm website is to utilize social media to promote and get attention from prospective customers.

Now I don’t just mean like a page on Facebook or send a “right-hook” tweet on Twitter. Instead, use social media to provide real value to your readers and in turn, potential customers.

A great way Summitt CPA Group has used the media to showcase their brand, is they started to post valuable articles on Medium.

By creating blog posts, especially compelling articles that are valuable to your niche, and posting them throughout various social media outlets, you can get in front of a much larger audience than just keeping it on your own website.

Then, at the end of your Medium, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter post, you can provide a link back to your website and then start seeing an increase in traffic.

This simple strategy is just another way to get more eyes on your page and in turn, capture potential leads and grow your bottom line–everything that encompasses a successful accounting firm website.

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