Sometimes we only get one shot at a prospect.

You know this to be true because you’ve been in the situation as the ‘prospect’ yourself.

When you’re surfing the web, on social media, wherever, and you suddenly see an article or ad that perks your interest.

You click on the ad, maybe it’s interesting, maybe not. Chances are unless provoked, you’ll read the content and then click back to the website you were at before.

What may have been an interesting experience for you has turned into a ‘loss’ for the website you were on. Because, since you consumed a piece of content, and enjoyed it…chances are, there are other pieces of content on that same website that would be interesting to you.

Unfortunately, the website didn’t pull you into more of their content, then capture your information, and perhaps sell you a product right then and there.

Instead, you have *poofed* and will probably never return to that website again.

Lost opportunity for them. Lost profits too.

If that sounds like it’s never happened to you, chances are, you didn’t realize it until later.

But, it’s happening on your website as you read this. 

Prospects — potentially ones worth millions over the next few years — are browsing your website, poking around, then leaving.

Never to return again.

Today, we are going to discuss how to capture prospects when they hit your firm’s page. That way, we can follow up with them later and perhaps turn them into a long-term client.

The ONE Page You Need to Capture Prospects and Get Their Information:

When someone hits your accounting website, our main goal is to get their information in some fashion. Typically, nowadays, that means a valid email address. The reason is we can follow up that prospect whenever we want.

After all, everyone checks their email.

It’s estimated it takes 8-12 touchpoints before a prospect remembers and cares about you — the business.

Go back to my initial example in the intro. Touchpoint #1 needs to work on getting them into a position where you can contact them again and again.

The best way to do that is through a LANDING PAGE.

A LANDING PAGE has two main components:

  1. It has a distinct, clear offer for what the prospect gets for handing over their email
  2. It specifically asks for an identification for the prospect (email, phone number, social media)

The most common landing page does this.

  1. Gives away something for free
  2. Gets prospects into your CRM

At Jetpack, we’ve offered free reports in exchange for emails. Our most popular lead generation tool is our free trial.
(Check it out here —>
capture prospects
Here, our offer is to give away 14 free days use of our software (Jetpack Workflow) in exchange for name and email. If they don’t continue with us after the trial, we have their information and can follow up them as needed.

Other common giveaway items are:

  1. Short ebooks/report/guide
  2. Recordings of a talk or presentation
  3. Discount on a product

Thus, before you put together a page to start capturing prospects, think about:

  • What kind of information does my client want?
  • What information would shock the prospect?
  • What ‘secret’s do I have that would really help the client?

In marketing, these questions have been forgotten. But they are the key to hooking prospects into your firm, not others.

Have a piece of information your clients are begging for. To get this info, talk to your prospects, do some deep research. You’ll find some of your ‘free gift’ ideas in the unlikely places.

Tools You Need on Your Website: 

Getting a LANDING PAGE set up can be super easy. All you need are the right tools.

First, you can download a plugin like OptimizePress (for WordPress sites) that has built-in landing pages.

If you’re more ambitious, sites like ClickFunnels puts together complex methods to set up funnels, landing pages and much more.
I’d recommend starting out with something that’s not complex.

For a LANDING PAGE, you could simply open up a new ‘page’ on your site and create it from scratch like a blog post. You just need to design it properly.

The second piece you need is an email provider who collects, stores, and sends mass emails.

The options out there continue to expand. There is MailChimp, ConvertKit, InfusionSoft, and others.

All do similar jobs with a few small tweaks between them. An email provider is important so you can actually capture prospects emails from the get-go.
That’s it for tools.

Next, it’s just a matter of ‘selling’ your free gift to the viewer.

How to Set Up Your Landing Page for Maximum Conversions: 

When we say “conversions”, we mean the percentage of people who hit your LANDING PAGE and put in their email.

For a free offer, we’re shooting between 20-50%. Meaning, for every 100 people to hit our site, we want to get 20-50 emails.

If you can get higher than 50%, you’re in incredible shape. But, 20% is about as low as we want to go for conversions.

You can calculate your conversions by looking at the traffic that hits your page and comparing visitors vs. actual email addresses captured and stored in your email provider that you chose.

To actually set up your LANDING PAGE, there are a variety of routes you can go.

It’s short and punchy, or
It’s got longer copy to sell.

Longer copy LANDING PAGES work best for long-term conversions. Short and punchy can get you more email addresses faster. The only way to figure out what works for your firm is to test, test, test. Test multiple LANDING PAGES at once if possible.

To get the gist of a basic LANDING PAGE, here’s what you need:

  1. A compelling headline
  2. An interesting offer
  3. Short bullets about what they get
  4. Proof of your authority

Let’s look at a few quick examples from well-known info marketers around the web.

I don’t want to use examples from the accounting niche because I don’t want you to be influenced by other firms out there. Do the work and research yourself.

First, Derek Halpern from Social Triggers. His popular blog helps people start and grow a profitable online business.

Check out the top headline of his LANDING PAGE.

capturing prospects

Now, his LP (landing page lingo) is longer than most folks if you look at it. But, that’s because he believes it will convert more subscribers, but also prep new prospects to know, like and trust him more. In turn, they will buy more.
When you scroll down the page, you’ll see his compelling offer “Get 5,000 email subscribers.”
capturing prospects
Imagine 5,000 new prospects on your list right now? That feels pretty good.
As the last point, he builds proof on his page with a lot of stats and data backing up his claims. Dig deep and find stats that can back up your offer and the ‘sale’ becomes much easier.

Next, we will look at Neil Patel. He helps online businesses increase traffic to their sites.
capture prospects
His LANDING PAGE follows similarly to the framework I shared above. He has a compelling headline. He reveals he will send you a cheat sheet of how to rank for competitive keywords. And then he has bullet points teasing what is inside the free gift.
capture prospects
If you’re wondering where the “proof” is here, it’s hidden in plain sight. The exact number “1,702,148” subconsciously tells us that he knows what he is talking about. It’s specific not to mention a huge number.
Most websites don’t see one million visits over 10 years! He promises that in a month.
Huge claim and offer.

Last, here is a bit different of an offer. It’s from Tim Sykes, the most notorious penny stock trader online.
Here he is offering actually a free ebook about “how I did it.” It’s more a story than a ‘step-by-step’ strategy.
capture prospects

Notice, at the top, it’s immediate proof. A quote about the book along with a “5-star” from Amazon.
Again, compelling headline === check.
If you scroll down, you’ll see bullet points teasing what’s in the book.
capture prospects
Sykes did something interesting as he added a personal video to the LP. This is a great way to connect to the audience, plus Sykes has a magnetic personality that draws you in. If there’s a way to use you or someone on your team in a short video, try it out.

To close out this post, what you want to remember is that it’s important to capture prospects when they hit your site.
The best way to do that is to get their email. The easiest path to an email is a LANDING PAGE.
It’s not hard to set up, but it could explode the amount of prospects that walk through your door this month.
Try it now.


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