What were the challenges to onboard bookkeepers and accountants


Speaker 1: A follow-up question there is when you went down that road, what were some of the challenges, and how did you think about how to onboard and bring on this team of a dozen people or so under your umbrella, so it all fit in your client wheelhouse?

Speaker 2: Yeah, and it jumps back to what you were talking about this one session, two sessions ago. It’s in the culture. It’s all about culture. The acquiring firm, Dan and myself in our advisory business, was bringing in a bookkeeping business, which had three, four, five times the number of people. It already had its own culture. Our goal there was to not break the culture, while also navigating it and directing it into a culture that embraces the history, the growth lab family feel, but also, makes changes to that. Brings it into the 21st century, in many respects. Uses jetpack work flow. Uses other systems that were not part of what the firm was used to, what the people were used to. There’s a lot of aspects of managing people that we had to navigate. This flows in … As you were saying, they have an A session. One thing, just on our profit centers, that we always keep front and center, is we try to build the factory, we call it. Build the factory before we find the customers. Make sure that you know when you walk into that first customer, that you can deliver and you have good confidence on it about delivering a good quality product. We’ve probably all done it both ways. Client comes and asks you for a different service. You’re a good salesman, doesn’t say no. Then, you’re behind the eight ball until you catch up and deliver a good quality product. What we’ve tried to do, and part of the acquisition for us, was building the factory so that we could really deliver a quality product. We could go out there to the market knowing that we had the people, the processes, and the management systems in place to be able to deliver what we said we could.

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