Building a new business starts with building a client list and this is where CRM for CPA firms can get you started the right way so you can build the best foundation to move forward.

As you bring in new accountants and more clients, you have to ensure that those relationships are managed correctly and each client gets what they came for with reasons to keep coming back. Learn how you can teach the accountants in your firm how to maintain good relationships with their clients and manage every one of them seamlessly.

Bring in New Clients

That first meeting is your first impression and it should be the one that wows the client and lets them see that you can deliver what they need and handle whatever they happen to bring your way. There is such a thing as overdoing it, though, and that delicate balance is one that must be established in this initial meeting.

Make the client comfortable, provide refreshments, and allow them to talk to you about what they need before you start in about what you can offer. Try to avoid questionnaires or forms during this initial meeting. You can fill in that information at the end of the meeting or give the client the paperwork to do at their leisure.

Maintain Contact

Obtaining information and confirming appointments are easy ways to keep in touch with your clients but you also want to make them feel like they matter to you and your firm, especially with a new business. Send holiday greetings, newsletters about what your firm is doing, and personal greetings like birthday wishes and simple “how are you?” e-mails during times when an accountant will be needed like at tax season.

CRM for CPA firms is important when building and maintaining this relationship. The right software for client management will give you tools to easily keep track of each relationship, who is maintaining it, and if the relationship needs extra work.

Learn the Details

There will be some clients that have special accounting needs and they need to know that those needs will be met in order to keep their own peace of mind. In these cases, it is a good idea to update them when you do things unless otherwise indicated. They’ll know that their business is taken care of and that they can trust you whether you’ve been in business for a few weeks or a few decades.

Utilize Social Media

All new businesses should make use of social media platforms to advertise their firms but CRM for CPA firms is made much simpler when you can interact with your clients one on one via social media as well as use the tools involved to advertise. You can post articles during tax time and other times when accounting is necessary and tag the clients that will find these things interesting.


Comment their posts, like what they write, and show genuine interest in them as more than just clients. They’ll appreciate the attention to detail and when they have accounting needs, they’ll be sure to think of you first.

Create Effective Schedules
Building a business and gaining a large and diverse client lists means that you have many appointments that must accommodate all kinds of schedules. CRM for CPA firms is the way you manage client relationships, learn the details you need, and create effective schedules that work for everyone involved. You won’t have to worry about double booking or accountants in your firm missing meetings when you manage relationships correctly and schedule accordingly.

Track Client Relationships

When your business grows, you’ll add new accountants to your firm and they’ll bring in more clients. In order to make sure that your client list is never messy, use the practices CRM for CPA firms to track client relationships among new and seasoned accountants to ensure you know what’s going on at your firm. Use positive reinforcement when accountants bring in new business and when they bring back clients who have been in before. Repeat business is what will keep your firm flourishing and that should be rewarded!


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