How To Generate Accounting Leads At Every Networking Event

The Game Is Changing, But The Basics Are Still King Nowadays, the game has changed. People are using website, social media, and internet advertising to generate new client consultations and close new deals. But what about conferences and networking events? Are they still worth it? HECK YES! But let’s preface that by saying a few things: Not All Networking Events Were Created Equal While it’s not popular to say, you should probably skip the next accounting conference you’re going to. Take that money, and head straight for a conference where you target clients will be. Go to a law, medical, marketing, or construction conference. What type of clients do you want to have more of? Go to their events. Don’t Be A Glad-hander - GET RESULTS Everyone walks around networking events and conferences, talking for a few minutes and exchanging cards. Then they leave feeling good that they’ve connected with 4 or 5 new prospects. FAIL! If you don’t leave with a meeting booked on both of your calendars, you’ve done nothing. How To Walk Away With Meetings On The Calendar Here are a few quick tricks to get a meeting booked right at the event: Step 1: Start every intro with: I Help _________ Get ________ Using ________. That’s works infinitely better than “I’m a Partner at Cristello & Sons, LLP”. Because honestly, nobody cares about that or even knows what that means. Step 2: Ask For The Meeting Once you realize this may be a good connection, just ask for the meeting. “Look, I would love to chat more with you and we won’t have enough time at this event, how about we schedule a time for next Tuesday afternoon for a call. I’d love to learn more about ___________”. People rarely say no when face-to-face, take advantage of it. Step 3: Send A Calendar Invite Bring your mobile phone and be ready to send calendar invites. Ask for their email and phone number and BOOM! You’ve got a consultation for the very next week! Make A Change Today Now is not the time to read over this article, stash it away in the “I’ll get to it later” section of your life. Instead, ask yourself these next questions, and you will be surprised with how quickly you are closing new deals and growing your firm. • Look at your calendar. • What networking events are you going to this month? • Which conferences do you have scheduled this year? • Are you growing your firm by attending the next CPE conference? And remember, every single networking event you attend, the goal is to walk away with no less than 3 new prospective client consultations booked on the calendar. Good luck!

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