Ever get the feeling that your words (or conversation) simply isn’t connecting with your prospect or client?

You’re not alone.

Everyday we show up, and work on and in our firm.

And to the outside world, what accounting professionals do might seem “magical”, but to those who practice it day in, day out, it can seem formulaic, simple even (typically a sign you’re good at what you do!)

The downside is that you’ve been working for so long, you might’ve forgotten the benefit that “outside” world receives when they utilize your service.

And it’s a common, common problem.

We get to close to our product or service, and it’s easy to forget the true benefit a client will receive.

Below are a few formulas to use and exercises you can complete. 

One-liners to describe the benefit of your firm: 

My name is…” 

We help X, do Y, to achieve Z

My name is David from ABC Firm, we help _________, do __________ so they can ______________

My name is David from ABC Firm, we help construction companies increase cash flow so they can grow faster.

We help construction manage their books and returns so they never have to worry about AR, forms and returns for their contractors, or worry about their quarterly cash flow (or lack thereof).

“The Guarantee” 

“We’ll get you at least an additional $500 on your next return, in under 30 days, or it’s free”
(Obviously, this example offer requires due diligence and qualifying the prospect!) 

 Creating a new benefit mindset

Exercise 1: You might remember seeing this in an earlier exercise, but it is so important that we wanted to include it here as a reminder to go through this chart! This simple exercise will get the gears going of how to think of benefits.
Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 9.02.49 AM
Exercise 2: Ask Your Clients!

We often forget that our clients are perhaps the best resource for understanding our value in the marketplace. At your next client meeting, ask your clients why they picked you and why they continue to do business with you. This might seem like a very strange question and conversation, but remember to set it up correctly. A simple script could be

“Hi Sally, you know that our focus is working with small business owners like yourself. In fact, you’re one of our best clients! Since we’re always looking for new ways to find owners similar to you, I was wondering… What are some of the biggest benefits that come to mind in why you choose to do business with us? I know this might be a strange question, but since we’re always working with clients, it’s sometimes hard for us to see what our clients actually think!”

You see, you can keep it light, acknowledge (if you want) the question is a bit strange, which eases everyone and could open the conversation to meaningful dialogue.

Exercise 3:  Try the same exercise for your favorite product or service 

Feeling a bit stuck when thinking about your service?

Why not turn the tables and list out some of the services you’ve purchased or used.

Whether it’s a personal trainer, chef, lawyer, architect, life coach, landscaper, painter… anything

List them out and do this exercise for them.

Just start thinking about benefits is a huge step beyond most owners and practitioners!

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