new client welcome letter for accounting firms

After weeks or months of meetings and presentations, you have finally closed the deal, and the new client is on board. Perhaps now, you can sit back and relax.

Onboarding a new client calls for a bit of celebration. Now that the onboarding process is over and the client is yours, what’s next? Should you start requesting invoices, tax returns, and accounting information? 

While it is great to show the client you’re ready to dive in, it is equally important to show them you appreciate their business. The best way to achieve this is to send a welcome letter to your new client. 


What is a New Client Welcome Letter? 

A new client welcome letter is a formal document introducing a new client to your business. It has basic details the recipient might find helpful. For instance, companies send welcome letters to new employees to give them an overview of the company and their new role. The same applies when your firm sends a letter to a new client. It will include a welcome message, an overview of your accounting firm, and what accounting and financial services you will be offering them.


Why Your Accounting Firm Should Send New Client Welcome Letters

Customer welcome letters play a significant role in building a relationship with a new client, which is why many companies use them every time they onboard a client. These are some of the reasons you need a welcome letter: 


Official Introduction

You spent hours at the negotiating table trying to win the client’s business. Maybe you even enjoyed a few dinners and rounds of golf with them. That’s just part of getting new clients. When the deal is sealed, you need to make an official introduction of your firm. 

You want to leave them with a lasting impression of your company – tell them more about your firm and its mission, what it offers, what it can do for them, how you will do it, and how your firm is looking forward to the relationship. Of course, you might have said all these things before. However, doing so in a formal letter makes it official and reinforces your previous communication and the positive impressions the client already has.


Show You Value Your Client

Speaking of impressions, are there businesses you keep going back to just because their service is nothing short of perfection? A competitor could even be right across the street or have a lower price tag. However, their customer care is nothing to write home about, so you don’t give them your business. 

That’s the same feeling you want to foster with your new clients. You want to make them feel appreciated, valued, and important. You can achieve all this with the help of a welcome letter.

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Reassure the Client

We all need reassurance in the relationships that matter to us, not just in our personal lives but in business too. How can you reassure a new client that they made the right decision in choosing your firm when you haven’t yet started your work for them? Send a new client welcome letter!

You need them to know from the start that they do not have to worry about the accounting end of their business because your firm is there to help. When you introduce your firm and tell the new client how the partnership will proceed, you reassure them they are in good hands.


Providing Important Contact Information

As the firm’s primary contact, what happens if you are unavailable when your client needs you? Maybe you are out on vacation or have an emergency. In a successful business, the goal is always to ensure everything goes smoothly without you there. That’s where a welcome letter for new clients comes in handy. In it, you can add contact details of team members the client can always contact if you’re not available.


How to Create a New Client Welcome Letter

While the welcome letter makes your new client feel valuable and sets proper expectations, it also needs to be personal and detail the services you will be providing. In addition, since it is also a formal letter, it should follow a particular structure. We have a simple guide so you can compose a new client welcome letter for your accounting firm.


Use a Company Letterhead

The goal is always to reinforce your brand. Use a professional letterhead rather than sending a short, bland email to a new client. A good new client welcome letter will:

  • Show your firm’s professionalism and organization
  • Reinforce your brand’s image 

Add the Date and Client’s Address

A welcome letter is a formal letter, and it follows the same format as any other formal letter you would write. The first thing to include is the date and your client’s address, aligned on the left border of the letter. The client’s address must include:

  • The full name of the client
  • Their title, e.g., Finance Director, CEO, Managing Director
  • The company name (of the client)
  • Postal address, city, state, and zip code

Draft the Welcome Message

Before jumping right into the main message, start the letter with a compelling welcoming message. You can begin by thanking them for their business and talking about the new long and lasting working relationship you look forward to having. The welcome message needs to be brief and straight to the point.  

An example would be, “On behalf of Accounting Firm X, I’d like to take the opportunity to welcome you. We are excited to have you onboard.”


The Body

Once the pleasantries are done, you can get right into the body of your new customer welcome letter. Start with a brief introduction of your accounting firm, the services it will provide, and how you play a part. You can then follow up with important contact information and a brief reassuring sentence or paragraph.



The final part of the letter is a closing salutation, such as Yours Truly, Best Regards, Regards Sincerely, etc. The closing must also have your signature, full name, and designation. This helps in personalizing the letter further. The placement of your signature matters, too. It should be in between the closing and your name.


Free Downloadable Template for Your Client Welcome Letter

Our goal is to ensure you have the easiest time managing your clients possible. Although you can draft a new client welcome letter, we have a downloadable template to help you save time and effort. 

Download your free template here


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