Oh referrals… The bread basket and key lead generation method for so many of us. Yet, even though most rely over 80% of their marketing efforts on referrals, are you doing enough to systematically build them in your business?

Will they immediately generate referrals? Maybe…(they’ve worked for others…) But what they WILL do is add two more automated, systemic referral campaigns to your arsenal. The more channels you use, the more powerful your marketing becomes.

So here are the two quick referral systems you can implement:

1. The 3 business card system

This is perhaps the easiest one because you don’t have to “add” anything. When you bring in a new client, instead of giving them ONE business card, give them three cards. When you hand over three business cards, you can use something like:

“You know Bill, we really enjoy working with businesses like yours. Now instead of giving you a single card, I’m going to give you three, and if anyone you know needs accounting/bookkeeping/tax/payroll/etc help, feel free to pass along my information. Just like we did for you, we’ll give them an obligation free consultation to give them a complete view and roadmap of how they should best proceed- does that sound alright to you?”

2. Email Signature

Since emails are being sent multiple times, day in and day out, this one is a must for anyone looking to expand their referral base.

I’ve seen a few examples:

The “Nice PS”

“Our firm is built upon referrals and working with people like you. Every referral is greatly appreciated”

The goal in this one is to convey that you rely on referrals, and enjoy working with them.

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The “Specific PS”

“Know someone who could benefit from a free financial analysis? We offer all new referrals a free, 60-minute, in-depth financial analysis. We appreciate your business and if you know of anyone who could benefit the analysis, please feel free to send them my info xxxx@email.com or my direct line at 321-1231-1232”

In the end, the goal is to create an email signature that shows:

  • You appreciate their business
  • They should be aware of a referral system or ask in place


Chances are, you have a select number of clients you work with that are both very profitable and you really enjoy working with. I would pick up the phone and call them.

Example script:

“Hi NAME, this is David from ABC Accounting, how are you today?”

– response

“Well listen, I know you’re busy, but I wanted to let you know that we truly enjoy working with you, and as we’re growing, we’re actually looking to find people just like you to work with. Hence, do you know of anyone that would be as enjoyable to work with and be interested in an obligation free, conversation around (Service Deliverable or Topic)? Do you know of a company or individual that might benefit from something like this?”

Calling your best clients and asking for referrals is the quickest way to bring in referrals.

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