New Feature: Custom Job Recurrances

Among one of our favorite features is the Custom Job & Project Recurrence Feature. We all know that recurring jobs, projects, and tasks is critical for client work, and setting them up can save you hours of reinventing the wheel down the road!

Custom Recurring Jobs
Inside of Jetpack Workflow, you’ll find that you can create a custom, recurring job or project within seconds, Whether its tracking monthly bookkeeping, biweekly payroll, or any other job or project, you can create it in a few seconds and setup a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly recurrence schedule.

The jobs will be automatically recreated after the job is closed or the initial due date passes. This ensures that you’ll never have to worry about creating the same job over and over again.

You can also individually update a custom recurrence, as well as mass duplicate the custom recurrence across clients to standardize your workflow and recurring jobs.
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