How Task Management Software for Accountants Can Help You Clean Up After Tax Season

iStock_000040396176_XXXLargeApril 15th is about to come and go and the busiest season of the year for most accountants will be over. After a surge of new clients and ones you haven’t seen for awhile coming in hoping to get the most out of their tax returns, it’s time to take stock of how your firm is doing, which accountants should be commended for exceptional service, and gear up for the next busy period. Your task management software for accountants can assist everyone in your office in putting your firm in top shape to make sure every client’s needs have been met. The New Business of Tax Season More people are coming of age to pay taxes every year, working at jobs that require them to submit the forms for their tax return come April 15th (or hopefully before!) and since it’s the first time for them, they won’t have any idea what they’re doing. Does your firm have a protocol for this kind of new business? Offer a checklist online for new clients so they know what they have to bring with them when they’re filing their taxes. This will make the process go a lot faster and you can add this checklist in a memo to each new client’s file before they come in using your task management software for accountants.Use social media to reach out to first time tax preparers. Since this is the communication method of choice for most young people, they’re more likely to see it, repost it, and effortlessly bring you new business.If your firm has never done this, don’t hesitate to try it even now when the tax season is almost over. There are likely to be some people who have missed their deadline and will need to file for an extension. You can include this information on your website as well so they’ll know what to do and that they can still get their tax return.New small businesses and independent earners may not understand how tax season works for them and the differences that are involved with filing. Ask if the person making an appointment is filing individually, for a household, or for a business so you’ll be better prepared to help them get on their feet.After the Flurry When the flurry of business is over and your firm finally has a moment to breathe, use that moment to go through the notes and memos for each client (new or returning) using your task management software for accountants. Were every client’s tax needs met to the best of your ability? If there are discrepancies or you’re unsure, call or email the client to find out how their experience was.How much new business did you bring in this tax season? Your accountants all work hard to bring in as much business as possible but that won’t mean much if it won’t be return business. Once you know you’re clients’ needs have been met, find out if they’re likely to return. Keep in touch with them by asking if they’ll join your email list or invite them to like and follow your social media pages.Add reminders for the clients that do choose to be added to an email list and/or your most loyal clients. Use your task management software for accountants to find out if the people assigned to each account are following up regularly as they should. Congratulate Your Team! Your task management software for accountants will show you who has brought in the most business, who did well with the clients socially, and all kinds of other things through the data compiled and even graphs and charts that will show you everything in one place. Congratulate your team and commend those who did exceptional work with small prizes, certificates, or other small tokens of appreciation. This will encourage others to shoot higher in their next endeavors and ensure that you keep bringing in excellent business for years to come.  

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