Introducing New Timers!

We’re happy to release our brand new Timers to all users of Jetpack Workflow today!Timers are an important way for you to keep track of where your team spends their time. While many of you depend on our Timers everyday, we knew there was some room for improvement. In addition to a brand new look and feel, we’re happy to share some improvements with you today.Edit Time Log Duration, Start or End Date and Start or End TimeBefore new Timers, you could update a description or delete the time log, but you couldn’t change anything about the duration or when the time log started or stopped. As of today, every time log's duration, start and end times are also editable.We think this will be huge for those of you who would like to combine multiple timers into one time log (like if you wanted to sync it back to Quickbooks), or if you made a mistake and need to update the timer with some new information. Check it out!Mass update or mass delete logsTake care of multiple time logs at once using the mass edit or mass delete option! New to this release, if you need to update multiple timers at once, you can do so by selecting the timers and using the mass actions drop down at the top of the list.Want to categorize your time logs by task? Need to update a duration or remove multiple timers you combined into one? Forgot to log some of your time logs as billable? Now you can update it all at once!Count up of your time logWith our new timer, the time count up is always visible, both on the job you’re working on and the widget that follows you around Jetpack Workflow. Always know what time you’re logging and how long you’ve spent on a task at a glance.Many of these changes were made based on your feedback. Take a look at the update and let us know what you think. We’d love your feedback!If you're not using Jetpack Workflow and want to see your firm grow and improve, sign up for a free 15-day trial of Jetpack Workflow today!

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