Hey Folks!

Here is our second month for product updates! Yahooo!

It’s been a humid and hot month here in Pittsburgh. We just moved into to some extra offices too. And boy did we need the space! 
(The A/C might actually be too high, haha!)

June was a month for keeping our head down and working hard to improve the app behind the scenes.
We don’t have any major customer-facing changes to report for the month but you should see the fruit of our June labor in July.
We spent the whole month working on the Assign to Client feature (which just released a couple days ago!).


No new features released this month.


There were a few unexpected items that we wanted to address right away:

– Fixed an issue that stopped clients from loading from QBO
– Made sure QBO handled disconnection better
– Made some small improvements to the UI


And these are a few things that we’re working on now and should be released soon-ish.  We can’t say when though!
Assign to client

This is done! It was just released yesterday! But it wasn’t released in June so it’s still in the forecast section.

Updates to the client profile screen

We’re still working on updating our UI. You should see a cool new design here soon!

Ok, that’s everything we want to announce for June. As always folks, we are here for you. If you need help, just reach out!
Your success is our success and we need your help to help make you more successful.
Email us at support@jetpackworkflow.com or call 888 445 3735 XT 700

Happy July!

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