Latest Updates Inside of Jetpack Workflow

This week we're excited to release two brand new updates inside of Jetpack Workflow. Archives Update:  The first update includes the archive section, where you can now track 'completion/done' date vs target date out or due date. Much like all the other columns inside of Jetpack Workflow, you can also sort by this column. Furthermore, you can batch sort. For example: You can filter by 'due date', then 'done date', and compare the target vs actual. You can also use the filtering option to select 'completed within last week', and track the progress and turnaround from the week or month! Done in Archive
  Task Update:  Also, you can now export any task view you create. For those that live inside of the task tab, this update is for you! Whether you're running to a meeting, going 'offline', or just want to run a quick report, this features allows you to download any task view that you see. Task View   Want to Test Drive Jetpack Workflow? Click Here To Start Your 14 Day Free Trial

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