In this episode of “Growing Your Firm,” host David Cristello interviews David Leary, partner at Earmark Media and co-host of The Accounting Podcast. They discuss David Leary’s experience of being fired as a client from an accounting firm and how it led him to become a business owner and customer of accounting firms. 

They also touch on the talent shortage in the industry and the quality of TurboTax Live. Tune in to learn more about David’s journey and Earmark Media’s role in the accounting space.


    What You’ll Learn

    In this episode, the listener will learn about the guest’s experience of being fired from an accounting firm as a client and the current talent shortage and crisis in the industry. 

    You’ll also hear more about David Leary’s app called Earmark that allows accountants to earn CPE credits by listening to podcasts. The podcast covers various accounting topics, including technology, AI, remote work, the 150-hour rule, politics, IRS, and Congress. 

    There is also a discussion about David’s experience using TurboTax Live for their tax return and discuss the importance of pricing in the accounting industry. 

    The episode highlights Intuit’s entry into the accounting business and the challenges and issues facing the industry, including the talent shortage and burnout rate. Plus the potential impact of AI in solving some of these challenges is also discussed. 

    Additionally, the episode explores the potential of AI technology in personal productivity and writing tasks too. The challenges of using AI in advertising and the need for human oversight are also mentioned. 

    P.S. Want to learn more about David Leary’s review of TurboTax Live and check out the video? Watch his Review of TurboTax LIVE Full Service

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    About David Leary

    David Leary is a partner at Earmark Media and co-runs The Accounting Podcast. 

    With over 22 years of QuickBooks experience, David has provided many small businesses, accountants, and developers with tools, strategy, and solutions to better than work and lives. 

    Some noticeable highlights: 


        • Named Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting by Accounting Today in 2019, 2020

        • Named by Accounting Today as a “One to Watch” in their Top 100 Most Influential People 2015 issue

        • Former Director of Accounting & Bookkeeping Evangelism at Melio

        • Former Principal Technology Evangelist at AutoEntry

      Does TurboTax Live Hurt Firms, Talent Shortage, AI, and Much More

      David Cristello fondly recalls seeing David years ago wearing a bright green blazer and highlights the excitement of witnessing his journey since then. 

      Despite the numerous conversations they have had, the host is thrilled to have David Leary back on the show, and at the end of the episode, they extend their gratitude for his participation, considering it a real treat.

      The podcast primarily focuses on helping accounting firms and CPAs maximize their returns. In the introduction, the host, David Cristello, emphasizes this goal, stating that the podcast aims to unlock the secrets that will enable firms to achieve their objectives more efficiently. 

      Furthermore, towards the end of the episode, the host mentions Jetpack Workflow, a resource dedicated to maximizing returns for accounting firms and CPAs. 


      [00:02:52] Earmark app for CPE credit.

      [00:05:40] Content firehose.

      [00:09:10] Talent shortage in accounting.

      [00:13:30] Price and client experience.

      [00:16:01] Mass produced accounting services.

      [00:19:00] Intuit’s pricing strategy.

      [00:23:28] Talent shortage impacting industries.

      [00:25:38] Horrible first experience with accounting.

      [00:29:01] AI in onboarding process.

      [00:34:26] Boosting productivity with rough drafts.

      [00:35:16] AI-generated advertisements’ limitations.

      [00:38:45] Maximizing returns for accounting firms.

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