What is the approximated number of account firm merger deals per year?


Speaker 1: How many do you … As an organization, as a company, how do you help facilitate, manage in a given year? [inaudible 00:00:09].

Speaker 2: In our career, we’ve done, we’ve merged about 850 to 875 accounting firms, so we have some experience in this. During the year, I would say we touch about 70 deals. Now, that doesn’t mean we complete all of them. People will come to us. For whatever reason, they may decide not to merge. They may find a firm on their own. We touch about 70 to 75 deals in any given year. We should preface this. We also have a large consulting division where we do things like partnership agreements and that sometimes … Or conduct firm retreats and that sometimes gives us an entrée into a relationship with the firm who later may down the road decide to merge. I would say a good estimate is about 70 to 80 deals a year.

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