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Managing Employees

According to INSIDE Public Accounting 2017 National Benchmarking Report, professional staff turnover is down in firms of all sizes, with a national average of 12.4%. That’s down from the previous year’s numbers, where the largest firms averaged 17.2%, and one in five experienced turnover rates above 20%. So, what’s different? It seems as though accounting… Read more »

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Can you hear me now? Communicating with your accounting clients can sometimes be a chore. They’re demanding. They ask a lot of questions. They take up your time. They oftentimes feel like a roadblock to the rest of your day. But the reality is that you are their lifeline to the ultimate goal of their… Read more »

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Technology is here, whether you like it or not. Cash registers count change for you, your car tells you when to brake, and everywhere you look people’s faces are buried in their cell phones. It’s completely transforming industries across the board, and the accounting industry is no different. Piles of paperwork and spreadsheets are becoming… Read more »

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more qualified job applicants

Jeff Phillips, founder of Accountingfly and publisher at accounting blog, Going Concern, has been in the recruiting business for over 20 years. He’s about to reveal how to attract 50X more qualified job applicants. Because, in today’s firm, keeping your best staff is harder than ever before. Demand exceeds supply causing turnover issues. In this… Read more »

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retain millennial accountants

Deb Defer, the Managing Director of Business Services and Outsourcing at BDO, sees how hard it is to retain millennial accountants in today’s fast pace society. The older generation blames the millennials, millennials blame the older generation. It’s a back-and-forth battle that may not end for another decade or two. Deb isn’t here to make… Read more »

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Today we’re excited to announce the release of an updated Jobs List inside of Jetpack Workflow! In addition to an improved design, the Jobs List contains a number of improvements and updates we think you’re going to love: Permalinks are now available so you can share specific views of information with colleagues or bookmark them… Read more »

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get consulting clients

Hector Garcia is the Founder and Principal Accountant at Quick Bookkeeping in Miami, FL. He’s developed a way for you to get consulting clients for your accounting firm with zero marketing. And he’s only been doing this since 2011, so he didn’t have a 30-year track record to lean on. In this episode of the… Read more »

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jetpack workflow

I don’t normally do this… But, recently, I got on the phone with a new user of Jetpack Workflow’s workflow software. His name is Tom Kneeland, he is the Founder and President of Kneeland CPA. After speaking with him…I realized he managed to squeeze out an “extra week of vacation” using Jetpack Workflow. Let me… Read more »