Project manager in your accounting firm


Speaker 1: Have you always had a project manager? How do they interact with the rest of the team? I think this is a topic area that could be very impactful, not really talked about in many firms. What’s been the evolution of working with a project manager in your firm and how do they kind of interact across the services?

Speaker 2: Our closest thing to a project manager is our director of operations. She does very much work across all the different services and is a node for communication, is a node for project management, is a node for scheduling. There is a wide variety of needs in terms of what that role of that nature requires across the different services.

Your advisory and analytics clients that we have, [inaudible 00:00:51] when is the meeting going to be or when is a staff member going to show up at my door to do my bookkeeping. It’s higher level information, communication. She’s working on that as well as managing client expectations on deliverables on that side as well as making sure that staff show up at the right place at the right time for the field bookkeeping services. She has a wide-ranging role. As we grow, that will continue to develop and we’ll continue to kind of break out the different roles that, different hats that she wears, but right now that is a very key role for us, to both understand the client needs as well as deliver on client expectations.

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