Use CRM for Quickbooks to Integrate New Clients Effectively

shutterstock_315677324Bringing in new clients is the basis for growth in any accounting firm but even better is integrating those clients and turning them into returning clients. They’ll bring income on a regular basis and client relationship management (CRM) is the foundation for bringing in clients that keep coming back. CRM for Quickbooks can provide the organizational tools that your accountants need to integrate new clients effectively and make them want to come back again and again. Social Media and Other Communication Cold calls and e-mail blasts aren’t great ways to bring new clients to your firm anymore. People don’t pay much attention to these things and even have ways to filter them out so they never see them at all. Social media has become the new most common way to communicate with everyone, including clients. Use CRM for Quickbooks to create social media posts that can be scheduled on a regular basis and then add clients to your friends lists or invite them to like the page for your firm. If your firm doesn’t have a page on any social media site, it’s time to get on board. When creating a CRM strategy, social media needs to be in the mix. You don’t have to maintain this presence on your own. You can assign a team to the task and use Quickbooks Online (QBO) to check up on your firm’s social media projects wherever you go. Improve Existing Relationships There may be clients at your firm that you consider regular but they really only come in annually or quarterly to do their taxes or talk about finances at the end of each financial period. You can use CRM to improve these existing relationships and bring the clients in more frequently. Use established relationships as a foundation and talk to the clients next time they come in face-to-face about other needs they may have and how your firm can make their lives easier. Include CRM in Training New Hires When new people come into your firm, one of the most difficult things can often be getting clients to trust them and making sure that the new hires understand how to keep every client happy. Use CRM for Quickbooks to help new hires learn details about clients they’ll be handling and the policies your firm has in place for dealing with specific situations. When you already have strong relationships with your clients, it won’t be as difficult for them to trust anyone new because they’ll already trust your firm with everything else. Sometimes new people can be aggressive, especially when they’re trying to prove their worth at your firm. Make it clear that CRM is more important than just bringing in new clients and you’d rather have clients that keep coming back. Bring New Clients to the Table with Confidence If you’re unsure about handling a new client, they’re going to be unsure about you but there’s also a fine line between confidence and bravado. You want your clients to feel comfortable and confidence is a part of that. Use CRM for Quickbooks to track the progress of accountants at your firm to see if anyone needs help bringing new clients to the table with confidence so that they can turn an introduction into a regular client. That first meeting is crucial and if a novice or even senior accountant at your firm is having trouble exuding the confidence for which you want your firm to be known, then it’s important that you’re clear about the kind of support they can expect if they ask for it. Those clients will help everyone in the firm so be sure that everyone knows your door is open when it comes to learning better CRM and client retention. Did you know Jetpack now fully integrates CRM and client management with Quickbooks Online? Click here to start a free trial

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