Use Due Date Tracking Software to Never Miss Another Meeting

Businessman Looking At Calendar On Digital TabletMissing a meeting with a client sticks in that client’s mind for the remainder of your relationship with them, which could be very short lived if that’s your first impression. Anyone can get bogged down when a business begins to flourish and things slip through the cracks but once the first misstep happens, it can lead to a series of misconceptions that makes your accounting firm look sloppy. Give your clients the impression you want to make by using due date tracking software so you won’t miss another meeting. With a little organization, you can smooth over every one of those cracks and never disappoint a client again. Building Expectations The literature you give out, your website, blog, and social media pages all work together to build the expectations your clients will have before they set one foot inside your office. Make those expectations positive and sow the seeds of success and give them a reason to want to choose you. In fact, give them several reasons! Stay away from any negative statements in public expressions like the literature you give out, your website, blog, and social media pages. Check on every piece of information before it goes live or delegate the responsibility to someone who will be diligent and detail oriented.Moderate the comments on your web pages by using web tools to approve what goes through before it is viewable to other guests.Ask your long-time and loyal clients for testimonials about why they’ve stayed, what they like about your accountants, and what sets you apart from other firms. The best way to build expectations and promote positive feedback is to always be on point and be present with each client. Due date tracking software will allow you and your accountants to have a dedicated and reliable source of organization that makes it easy for everyone to keep their clients happy whether they’ve been with your firm for a long time or they’re brand new. First Impressions Your clients’ first impressions may begin when they see your web presence or literature but the real impression will happen when they drive up to your building and see your offices. Walking inside, that impression will continue in your lobby, with your receptionist, and when they finally get to shaking your hand and seeing your smile. Use due date tracking software to keep your meetings in order and include notes about specific clients. Make them feel comfortable as soon as they set foot in your building using those notes, whether you’re the one greeting them or not.Plan your first impression well, from presentations about the client’s needs to the kinds of refreshments available in the meeting room or your office. Use the notes from your due date tracking software to make sure that everything is just right for each client.End your meeting on a good note, even if the affairs discussed during the time with your client might have been sensitive. Give them the comfort they seek to know that they’re needs will be handled with the care and respect they deserve. Every client is different and unexpected things could happen during any first meeting. To close a sale and make sure your new clients choose you to handle their business, be prepared and make the first impression that you are the firm they’ve been looking for as best you can. Follow Through Once you’ve made a good first impression, use due date tracking software to follow through with clients and keep up the level of service they expect from that initial meeting. You’ll be able to use your software to track what the other accountants in your firm are doing, set reminders, and ensure that every person in your office is prepared for every meeting that is scheduled on your colander. Bring in new clients that become loyal ones and give your loyal clients a new level of service that keeps them coming back. Make sure you or your accountants never miss another meeting with due date tracking software.

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