What are the weekly priorities as an Accounting Firm Manager


Speaker 1: So when you think about your top priority as the person leading the firm what comes to mind? And why?

Speaker 2: So because of my visionary nature. I’m always, “What’s next.” So like today I am at an Ad media and then in New York learning about like a next-gen social media, right. So like I’m “What’s next?” What, 5 years, it won’t even be 5 years now, watch 2 years out, where are we going to push faster, further, beyond what today’s firms are doing right. We’re looking at wealth management as the next level for our firm. So for me, it’s “What’s next?” And not the day that day, because if I get caught in the day-to-day, it’s a waste of my skills at night so you have to know yourself well enough to know where you should be focused, and I know that I know that I’m gonna bring the most return on investments in my firm. By looking at what’s next and figuring out the next thing that you know others [CPA 00:00:57] firms haven’t quite figured out yet.

Speaker 1: Perfect, and then you’ve clearly built up a team where you’re both … You have the visionary mindset that what’s next, but then also the support system you were able to acknowledge the gaps, and then hire the operator, the operational person that then can can pair with you and make sure that thing accelerates forward which I think is wonderful. Tim when you think about.

Speaker 3: Absolutely.

Speaker 1: Top priority you know in running the firm is being leader of the firm. What comes to mind on your end, and why?

Speaker 3: Well it’s. Again, it’s a little bit similar to what Jody is referenced. I just came back from … I have 3 other business partners, and we just came back from partner retreat, we have to those 2 of those per year. 1 in June and 1 in either December or January depending upon what what’s going on in the firm. And that this most recent 1 … Some people will call strategic planning, but we built what we call our vivid vision. And what we want … where we want to be for … you have 2 years not 3 years not 5 years, we picked for years because we’re a change from one of our leaders at that particular point in time. But we just spent some time working together trying to decide what we wanted the firm to look like, what we wanted the firm so, you know, all the senses we kind of went through them. It’s a [inaudible 00:02:28] firm and so like a couple of things came out. One as we know it relates to firm management, is making sure that we have … One of the things we talked about was letting our talent allows us to tackle everything every day. So it’s making sure we have the right investment our people we’re giving them the opportunity to learn, grow. We’re standing on the bleeding edge of technology. So I think it’s getting off the hamster wheel, and really looking at what kind of runway your want to accomplish certain things.

It takes me back to that very simple comment that I made 2 or 3 times today it’s about defining what success looks like, and recognizing that change being the constant. And

I was so … Changing and staying current on the bleeding edge of things is part of our vision, and at the same time if I’ve got the right people and I’m providing great opportunities, so it allows us to provide an outstanding plan. We’re gonna make money, and we are making money and I think that by investing that way that’s really helped our firm grow. So I know I sound like a politician right now, but I think it’s managing your people and investing in your people I probably think is the most important thing and then adapt it to the … adapting to the “What’s next?” As it relates to technology and the revenue streams that can come into your firm and making sure that the people you have want to participate in that way.

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