Workflow Queen’s Must-Have Tools & Tactics for Growing Your Firm



  • Creating Internal Workflow Processes
  • Behind-the-Scenes Look at Workflow Processes
  • Managing the Team

Connect with the Workflow Queen

  • For video recording, use Loom
  • For a virtual whiteboard, use miro
  • For screenshotting within videos, use Scribe
  • For storing remote working process, use Member Vault
  • For internal communication, use Slack

Meet the Alyssa Lang

Alyssa Lang aka the Workflow Queen teaches accountants how to use tech and automation to create better workflow systems and processes so they can run their business on autopilot, stress less, and save time.

However, before she became the Workflow Queen, she was doing taxes as a side hustle. Her side hustle quickly grew and shortly after she took on bookkeeping. Once bookkeeping was added to the mix, the practice really started taking off, and she attributes that to its more consistent cash flow, unlike one-off taxes.

As her business grew, she found it more and more difficult to remember everything on her own and knew she needed to make a hire. After researching, she found a lack of onboarding help in her industry and went through a 6 to 8 month trial and error of systems and processes.

While she worked through the process, she wrote everything down, which helped her down the road realize she could create a way to help other people in the same situation.

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Creating Internal Workflow Processes

Before Alyssa started creating processes for others, she used them internally. One of the processes she created was for month-end close. She started with all of the generic aspects of month-end closing like gathering statements and double-checking bank fees. Then, once she had all of her ideas in place, she opened it up to the team and they helped to fill in the gaps.

She heavily relies on her team to catch her mistakes and add areas of improvement. Typically, when she creates a new process, she will record a “walk-through” on Loom and share it with the team. She then expects them to catch mistakes or holes in the system. To foster such a high level of trust and approachability she makes it very clear during the onboarding process that it’s expected of them.

For the most part, Alyssa’s team has been very open and willing to point out mistakes. She says her first hire really didn’t fit that mold but it turned into a great learning process.

Behind-the-Scenes Look at Workflow Processes

Alyssa attributes the system behind creating her workflow processes to mind-mapping. Mind-mapping is essentially a broken-down question map. It asks a series of questions to help you get from point A to point B. It takes the steps out of your head and puts them into context, which then leads to an outcome or result. To help create maps, Alyssa uses miro, which is essentially a virtual whiteboard.

The easiest way to figure out where you need a workflow system is to look at your most important issues and what areas of your work you dislike. From there, you walk through the mapping process and create or bring in a workflow system that will help you grow. Another helpful tool for this process is Scribe, which lets you take screenshots within videos.

Side note: Alyssa’s company is entirely remote, however like many firms, they have been having issues finding talent. To help make remote hiring a little smoother, she heavily relies on her onboarding processes. She recommends Member Vault which helps store processes for up to 50 people working remotely.

Managing the Team

To help her run her quickly growing business, Alyssa hired an operations manager. She was the perfect fit for the job and quickly caught on to the way Alyssa ran the business. Now her job includes maintaining the team (and Alyssa), checking in on stalls or anything that needs attention, and handling contracts.

They are mostly connected through Slack via a private channel and meet weekly to go over questions from the week, team updates, budget updates, an upcoming in-person retreat, and the overall holistic view of the company.

With all of the topics covered in the podcast, it’s no wonder Alyssa has been crowned the Workflow Queen. She’s mastered creating systems and processes to help grow her business, and really, everyone else’s. Be sure to listen to the full podcast to learn more!

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Experience workflow software that helps makes sure nothing falls through the cracks.​

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experience workflow software that helps make sure nothing falls through the cracks.​

see why over 7,000 accountants and bookkeepers use jetpack workflow. start your free 14-day trial.

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Experience workflow software that helps make sure nothing falls through the cracks. See why over 7,000 accountants and bookkeepers use Jetpack Workflow. Start your free 14-day trial.