How to Automate Your Admin Work with Jetpack Workflow and Ignition



  • The Importance of Automation
  • Ignition’s Workflow Mapping Process
  • The S.A.T. Method


In this webinar, Chip Talarico, the Vice President of Sales and Successes at Jetpack Workflow, and Ryan Embree, the Head of Partnerships at Ignition, both speak about how to include automation into admin work. Jetpack Workflow and Ignition provide helpful ways that will tie in automation into your firm’s processes.

What Does a Future-Proof Firm Look Like?

It’s no secret the accounting industry is changing. This can be exciting but it can also create fear. It’s natural to fear the unknown, and who knows the future?

However, there are principles you can apply and expect to be at the forefront of what’s coming.

This includes automation. Eliminating repetitive tasks, and freeing yourself up for strategic initiatives will be at the center of any successful firm.

Let’s dive into some of how that might play out.

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The Importance of Automation

The pandemic, inflation, Great Resignation, turbulent stock market, and other social/political difficulties are all valid reasons why firms risk the chance of burnout and/or paying less attention to their clients. However, firms that make the leap to avoid these problems will become more resilient, stronger, and higher-valued. With technology, they’ll have an easier time adjusting to new changes and have the advantage of using helpful resources.

Automation plays a key role in bettering your firm. Jetpack Workflow and Ignition both have plentiful resources that can assist your firm in a quick and positive way.

Ignition’s Workflow Mapping Process

Ignition is a client-engagement commerce platform that helps you engage your clients and get paid for your services. Ignition’s workflow mapping process details the process of meeting new clients through:

  • Lead management
  • Qualification/discovery
  • Presenting services
  • Closing sales
  • Management

With workflow mapping, you have the ability to graph the process of receiving potential new clients coming into your firm.

Some essential takeaways include:

Ignition provides an easy and fast process that will enable you to send an online proposal, get paid automatically by collecting payment details from your client, and automate invoicing.

Automation is a main factor in Ignition’s quick processes.

The S.A.T. Method

Jetpack Workflow’s S.A.T. Method sets to standardize, automate, and track your firm.

Standaradize: Major services
    • Profit increase
  • Automate: Admin workflows
    • Efficiency
  • Track: What is done, due, and upcoming
    • Freedom

Jetpack Workflow standardizes major services and workflows, such as tax returns, month ends, cashflow reviews, bookkeeping, and other services. This automation helps delegate and bring software into these similar services.

Jetpack Workflow allows you much more freedom as the S.A.T. Method keeps track of all of the services within your firm. The S.A.T. Method is a beneficial factor to organizing and controlling your firm.

Two Tools to Embrace the Power of Automation

Jetpack Workflow and Ignition are both advantageous technological resources that are quick and easy to use for your firm.

Both stress the importance of automation and how it will play a useful role for the future of your firm.

Automation simplifies the difficulties that ultimately slow down your firm’s processes. Switching over to automation will not only save your clients time but also save you time as well.

Be sure to listen to the full webinar above for more information about Ignition and Jetpack Workflow!

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32 Free accounting workflow templates

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