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  • The Importance of Automation
  • Ignition’s Workflow Mapping Process
  • The S.A.T. Method



In this webinar, Chip Talarico, the Vice President of Sales and Successes at Jetpack Workflow, and Ryan Embree, the Head of Partnerships at Ignition, both speak about how to include automation into admin work. Jetpack Workflow and Ignition provide helpful ways that will tie in automation into your firm’s processes.

What Does a Future-Proof Firm Look Like?

It’s no secret the accounting industry is changing. This can be exciting but it can also create fear. It’s natural to fear the unknown, and who knows the future? 

However, there are principles you can apply and expect to be at the forefront of what’s coming. 

This includes automation. Eliminating repetitive tasks, and freeing yourself up for strategic initiatives will be at the center of any successful firm. 

Let’s dive into some of how that might play out. 


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