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Josh Zweig wanted be working abroad on accounting while in Tel Aviv. His old firm said “no.” So he built his own firm. Now, his company has grown to dozens of employees after going from 2-10 employees in 1 year.  On this episode of the Growing Your Firm Podcast by Jetpack Workflow Software, David Cristello and… Read more »

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As soon as you start running your firm or practice, there’s one thing that undoubtedly comes up as you start to grow… the number of accounts receivable and invoices that you now have to track. For many, this is commonplace. But in this article, I want to explore the option to remove AR once and… Read more »

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Many of us know the benefits of using a robust Client Relationship Management (CRM) software for your accounting firm or practice. But as accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers, CRMs fall short in one critical approach … They’re built for salespeople.    And while it’s a great tool for managing a sales pipeline (leads, prospects, etc), things… Read more »

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What Accounting Metrics You Should Track Struggling to understand what key accounting metrics to track for your firm? It’s common for many CPA Firms, Accountants, and Accounting Practices to have no shortage of metrics and KPIs to track… but the biggest issue is what are important metrics vs vanity metrics? Vanity Metrics would be anything… Read more »

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Referrals can often be the #1 source of new business for many accounting professionals and CPA Firms, but these typically are “chance” referrals…you should have an idea on how to plan for growth because they’re typically “random referrals”. This lesson will focus on a few different referrals systems you can set up to systemize your… Read more »

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Ed Kless reveals how to do value billing. Ditch the time sheets, frustrated clients and employees, and make more profits. Ed Kless has many titles — Senior Fellow at VeraSage, Senior Director, Partner Development and Strategy at Sage, and co-host at the Soul of Enterprise We Cover: Difference between duration and effort (and which one is… Read more »

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In part 1 and part 2, we covered how networking events, matched with paid marketing can be a powerful combination. Now let’s take a look at an often forgotten channel, which is partnerships! Often times we leave partnerships to “chance”, but as you’ll see, being strategic can make a huge impact on your firm or… Read more »