Recruit the Best New Accountants with Effective Client Management for Accountants

shutterstock_262498490You can build a CPA firm that soars above all the rest by recruiting a few top players that influence and teach everyone else. Attract these people by building a strong client base and ensuring that you’re practicing effective client management for accountants. Show the best accountants that your firm has what it takes to help them grow while they help you grow. They’ll see that the software and practices you’ve chosen give them everything they need to inspire others. Why Try to Attract the Best? You might think that it’s the job of the applicant to impress you but when it comes to the top accountants, you have to show that you also bring something to the table. Promote your firm’s accomplishments on your website and social media sites and ask clients for testimonials. You’ll be giving new recruits reasons to want to help you out and at the same time show them that you’re skills and decisions make things simple among the rest of the employees. Client management for accountants comes into play here because you’ll have all the details you’ll need at your fingertips. You can show productivity charts, problem areas, and goals on a tablet or laptop anywhere your meeting takes place. Give a presentation that shows your firm can be the best no matter how small it is. Integration and Teamwork Once you hire a top-performing accountant, they’ll have to integrate into your office culture and engage with the rest of the team in order to inspire and be good leaders. This means that the ego needs to stay in check and that’s not always an easy to go. Top performers know that they’re good and everyone else in the firm is going to look up to them. You can’t use humiliation to check someone’s ego because that discourages others from elevating their performance. Instead, talk face-to-face on a regular basis. Assign a specific “buddy” to each top performer to check their ego. The top tier person trains the novice and the novice humbles them. It’s a symbiotic relationship that can keep the process working well. Promote Leadership Culture Your top performers are a good start for promoting leadership but you should also promote leadership culture throughout the entire office. Effective client management for accountants helps accountants communicate with each other and gives novice accountants a chance to take on leadership roles within projects. By letting them take on more responsibility, you’re showing them that they can be trusted and that you’re confident they’ll do things right. Senior accountants can track their progress, set reminders, and help them do better as they run their project, giving them an education while building them up to succeed. Where to Recruit The obvious place to recruit accountants is at colleges that have good accounting programs but what client management for accountants can tell you is what your clients are looking for in their accounting firm. You can use this information to find out what is lacking and if there are specific traits you need your next recruit to possess in order to fill those niches. While upper tier schools are still an excellent place to recruit, you might want to take a look at the information you’ve gathered and see if there are other schools that teach the specifics your firm needs in order to bring in clients you cannot yet service. These accountants may have skills that others who go through a more generalized program never perfected. Exponential Growth When you have your top players in place, you have the potential for exponential growth. The new people, with their experience and expertise, can train the novices and effectively turn every accountant at your firm into a leader. You can create educational efforts and mentor programs to help this along or let your team work on their own to see how they decide to educate. Use perks and friendly competition to foster a leadership culture and you’ll continue to bring in more, bigger, and better clients as your firm grows.

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