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How to Systemically Accelerate Your Firm’s Growth Welcome back to the Grow Your Firm podcast! This week’s guest is Lisa Campbell of the Marcam Group. Lisa transitioned her firm from basic bookkeeping to coaching and advisory in under seven years. In our half-hour conversation, she revealed an underlying pattern we’ve noticed many of our guests… Read more »

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Justin Pulgrano, from Finagraph, came on this week to talk about how he successfully expanded advisory services for his clients using a new tool called CashFlowTool. It helps you help clients with cashflow issues to improve and grow your advisory services. But we didn’t just talk about software in our interview. We also talked about… Read more »

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Release Date: 9/9/2019 It’s another release day here at Jetpack Workflow! Today we’re excited to share the small but mighty update to the Template List. Given that “Where are my templates?” was the #1 question answered by the Support team and one of the most visited help sections within the Knowledge Base, we got the… Read more »

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Jetpack Workflow Presents Orin Wilson of C3 Consolidated

C3 Consolidated has a simple mission: acquire firms or create partnerships. With years of accounting firm background and experience, they apply what they’ve learned about process workflow, business organization, and growth to make those firms more profitable and better organized so clients and employees are happy. Needless to say, they are very good at what… Read more »

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Jetpack Workflow presents: Adrian Dayton from Clearview Social

Once upon a time, accounting and tax firms depended on newspaper ads, magazine spots, a well-curated Rolodex of business cards, and good-old-fashioned word of mouth to get new clients. Times have changed, though, haven’t they? In this modern Information Age, people are still using the older methods but with a significantly less rate of return…. Read more »