The Hidden Value Inside Your Firm

Are you always in the "growth" mindset of finding new clients? icon-path When perhaps your great source of new revenue could come from your existing clients... Here are some ideas to get you started: 1. Edward Mendlowitz's "1/20" rule: Every year, sell 5% of your tax (or any other) clients additional services every year. Make it personal, and determine what other services could be a good fit for them (ie: are they retiring soon? Discuss additional services to help with retirement). Do not be discouraged when they all don’t “buy right now”, because you’ve also made more clients aware of other services you offer. Also, talk with 5% (voicemail doesn't count 🙂 2. Sandi Holst Referral Partners & How to Impress Them: The biggest new customer-generator was building out her referral network from current clients and complimentary services. Because Sandi took the time to package her work in a very presentable way, her clients and referral partner knew they were working with a true professional. And because her packaging was so unique, it improved her word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing efforts without spending a time in new client acquisition. 3. Michelle Long Niched Down Her Services, and because she became so focused (although we all agree, starting out, you take work as it comes in), she was able to become the "go to" person in her space. This made clients come to her because she was positioned as the best. Another item she mentioned was building in an increase in her fees every single year, and explained to her client this was due to inflation as well as the additional training and support she now provided. So often we're looking for new clients, but fail to realize we could increase profits by having a system and schedule to increase fees every year.

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