Use Practice Management Software for Quickbooks to Expand Your Firm’s Web Presence

The digital age is well underway and if you’re practice isn’t on the web by now then you’re already far behind everyone else. Having a strong presence online means that your firm can generate business even during off hours and without any extra people involved. Practice management software for Quickbooks can be utilized to delegate tasks among the people that already work for your firm to keep your presence on the web and expand it to draw in new clients.   Your Website Works for You Think of your website as another employee that you have to train to work according to your specifications. There are going to be mistakes and you’re going to have to keep teaching it and updating it to work better as trends and strategies change. Practice management software for accountants can help you stay on top of the way things change whether you’re in the office or not. You can update from home during off hours and ensure that business isn’t interrupted for tasks like those.   A website can be used to prepare clients for their visit by putting necessary intake documents, frequently asked questions, and first visit checklists on your site. Clients can see what they’ll need to bring with them via these sections and streamline the process so that you can concentrate on building the client relationship instead of filling out paperwork.   Connect With Clients Personally Social media has become an important part of business in recent years, giving you a hub for communication right in the midst of the personal connections that clients already use every day. Provide links to your social media profiles with convenient icon buttons on your website. You can also add communication details for each accountant and when accountants for your firm connect with clients, they can find everything they need right there on a mobile device instead of relying on business cards.   As your business grows, client relationships become more important. Larger firms have to deal with clients thinking that they might not get a personal experience simply because a lot of accountants work for your firm. Practice management software for Quickbooks lets you set reminders and tasks to delegate and remember to connect with clients individually. They’ll always feel like VIPs whether they’re seeing you face-to-face or connecting via the internet.   Add Media Content Blog content works to keep people coming back to your website but you may also want to try adding videos on a regular basis.  
  • Bring other users or Quickbooks Proadvisors from your firm together to talk about new services your firm will add in the future and services that you offer currently.
  • Feature different companies on a weekly or monthly basis in a sort of newsletter component to showcase the talents of each person in your firm.
  • Ask clients to participate in review videos, especially if they’ve been with your firm for a long time.
  • Post instructional videos for interns and other accountants to learn about new techniques and why they should consider coming to work for your firm.
  These are just a few suggestions for video content that can be added to your website or social media pages. Pictures to promote the videos between postings can supplement many of these options. Mention your blog, social media pages, and the home website for your firm at the end of each video and typed into the description details to attract more business.   Offer Off-Hours Services If you want to really wow your clients, add off-hours chat services to your website. Use practice management software for Quickbooks to delegate this job to rotate between accountants. On days when off-hours services are offered, a knowledgeable person from your firm can be available to work from home and answer questions from clients using a live chat option. Clients will be able to talk to a professional and get their questions answered before they come in to the office. By the time they walk through your doors, they’ll already be a retained client and you’ll feel like old friends from the first visit. Everyone’s job is made easier and with these extra steps completed online, your business can keep growing faster than you ever imagined.  

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